Thursday, March 12, 2009

February/March Science

Lydia's drawing of her pole bean was featured on the cover of the Order of Worship!

Here they are! All six of them! Raised beds deeply tilled, tossed with compost and ready for planting! Ahhhh

Gracie, taking a break from gathering rocks for our flower garden border, crosses the log bridge to the other side of the run over the hill.

Shelby uses her break time to build a fairy house under the spruce tree.

These pics are all mixed up, but in an effort to use up all the tin cans in the recycling bin, we planted our tomato seedlings in them.

broc, onion and kale


lavender, chives and snap dragons

Pole bean

The kids have loved this book, we have read it all the way through and have done several activities to go along with the studies. Gracie looks at the pictures almost every day.

I got a great hand-me-down book called Young Naturalist by Ilo Hiller copyright 1983.

It was like taking a trip back in time. It reminded me of looking at Nature books with my mother. We might have even had the same one as I was 5 when this book came out!

Chapter 1 was called DISCOVERING NATURE: Patterns in Nature

The girls all settled on the coral snake as a colorful example of a patterns found in nature and they bordered the pictures with patterns of shapes and colors.