Wednesday, March 11, 2009

February/March Math

Grace and I revisited the quality of numbers block in hopes to bring more meaning to the numbers. She has tried so hard to keep up with Shelby that math was loosing all meaning and she wasn't making the connections within the processes. I saw some light bulbs go off when we took one number at a time. Numbers 8 thru 12 will be in Aprils math section.

Shelby is really digging math right now and would love nothing more than to have page after page of problem worksheets. In the last week she has all but mastered both borrowing and carrying along with place value. She is begging for multiplication and division.

Lydia is slowly warming up to division but still struggles with the multiplication facts. We recently got some computer games and I am seeing some improvement.

We made Muka-wa-tum-bi-shi and mixed in a little multiplication and division, the best way to learn math in my opinion. We do a lot of cooking together.

Grace works on a number spiral. I am going to do the quality of numbers with her soon, they are still very abstract to her at this point.

Brain teasers and fun math work sheets to bring a "game" quality to this subject. Shelby is working on 2 digit addition today. Whole to part activity. What IS 10? 4? 3? We still need to do more activities surrounding the concepts of multiplication and division.