Friday, January 23, 2009

Change of Teeth

Shelby looses fer first tooth at age 7 1/2!
Posted by PicasaFrom the Waldorf perspective this is a time of sign of heavier academic readiness.

Friday, January 16, 2009

January Language Arts

Singular and Plural (above)
Subject and Predicate

I word list

Grace and I are back on the alphabet wagon. We finished up with H today and she showed off her handwriting with this beautiful H display. She also pulled a couple of H books off the shelf and clapped when we reached a word that started with H

I asked Shelby to go and get all the books that she could remember reading since Christmas. She almost cleared the shelf. Here are a few of her favorites...

I was content correcting Shelby's spelling mistakes as they happened. She is a really good speller for her age, BUT she is now requesting to be tested! Who IS this child!? So here we go...weekly spelling tests:)

Lydia is practicing letter heading and addressing envelopes in Intermediate Language Lessons We are going to give this workbook a try this month and see if we like it as a supplement.

Practicing abbreviations....I missed the 'Teusday' misspelling, but have since corrected her.
This is Lydia's current chapter book. It is taking her longer to get through this one because I have her reading the Iliad and the Odyssey at night:)

January Science Study

OK, so here is the plan for the second half of the year regarding the subject of Science for both Shelby and Grace:
This is the table of contents from Everything Your First Grader Needs to Know. We will not be covering all of it, but will be concentrating on the animal kingdom, habitats and the world of plants going into the season when we will be plowing up an acre of our property to garden on.
I will be saving Physical Science for early next year after Grace is 7.
We often discuss the activities of the sun, moon and planets as it is a natural interest of the whole family.
Additional resources we will be using for this block are "Among The Forest People" by Clara Dillingham Pierson, the Christian Liberty Press Nature Readers, the DK Encyclopedia of Animals, Back To Basics, Anna Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study and Earth Child 2000.

In a spur of the moment study of color, we made some home-made salt dough complete with all the colors on the wheel and made vibrant ice cubes and watched them melt a rainbow.
I love homeschooling.....

January Form Drawing Samples

January History

Lydia's MLK quiz-----

Martin Luther King Jr. Day study

The girls write their names in Greek during a study of 'Greece gets civilized'

Sailing home after the war. Poseidon gets angry.
They find an island
Finding a caveCyclops comes homeCyclops traps and eats some of the men

Odysseus has a planOdysseus tricks the CyclopsEscape and journey home
This is an illustration done by all three girls as a way to tell the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops.