Friday, January 16, 2009

January Language Arts

Singular and Plural (above)
Subject and Predicate

I word list

Grace and I are back on the alphabet wagon. We finished up with H today and she showed off her handwriting with this beautiful H display. She also pulled a couple of H books off the shelf and clapped when we reached a word that started with H

I asked Shelby to go and get all the books that she could remember reading since Christmas. She almost cleared the shelf. Here are a few of her favorites...

I was content correcting Shelby's spelling mistakes as they happened. She is a really good speller for her age, BUT she is now requesting to be tested! Who IS this child!? So here we go...weekly spelling tests:)

Lydia is practicing letter heading and addressing envelopes in Intermediate Language Lessons We are going to give this workbook a try this month and see if we like it as a supplement.

Practicing abbreviations....I missed the 'Teusday' misspelling, but have since corrected her.
This is Lydia's current chapter book. It is taking her longer to get through this one because I have her reading the Iliad and the Odyssey at night:)