Thursday, March 12, 2009

February/March History

Lydia and I were lucky enough to attend a concert at FUUSM featuring Holly Near and Emma's Revolution. This powerful music is of social change and peace. We had such a wonderful time.

This was an extention of our celebration of the 64 Days of Peace. The girls decorated pockets to represent like catagories of positive character traits. When they see these traits in each other, they place a sea shell in the pocket.

Rachel has been doing an intensive geography block with all the girls on Mondays. They have really enjoyed this study. Shelby loves making maps of all the rooms in the house, Lydia is all about the tectonic plates and the early formation of the continents and Grace can't stop talking about volcanoes and earthquakes.

Grace wanted to try Shelby's copywork. She didn't finish it but I thought I would post it as an example of her writing.

Drawing of the lighthouse of Phaors

Gordian Knot. This picture will be included in Lydia's report of Alexander the Great.

I think we checked out every book on Greece in the childrens section. We did a lot of reading while everyone was sick.

To bring our study of Greece to a close Rachel hosted a Greece feast with olives, feta, cous cous, grapes, pita and baklava.